About us

Obvious® came out of a sheer desire to share good quality natural products with the world.  Being a holistic health practitioner for over 20 years, I knew that many people would opt to take natural products over pharmaceutical meds, any day of the week.  NO one wants to deal with those nasty side effects!  The problem is that most people have NO idea what to take for the ailment or issue they are dealing with.  Generally speaking, we go to our doctor, tell him/her the problem, and within 5 minutes we  walk out with a  prescription. More often than not, we are then plagued with a litany of other problems as a result. 

The body has the incredible ability to heal itself and works hard to do so, but it can be challenged by many factors that exist in today's society - whether it's the food we are eating, the environment, our stress levels, etc., so we've created a line of natural products to support the body in it's quest for healing.  We wanted our products to be the best, which means using the highest quality ingredients and formulations we could find, AND we also wanted to be sure that ANYONE could find a product that is right for them, hence...Obvious®.  We want to make our products clear and easy for you to know why a particular product will help you.  We are somewhat restricted by the laws instilled in the USA, which limit what a natural product can claim, only prescription drugs are allowed to say they can cure anything (isn't that silly?), so you will always see that our products "support" various organs, illnesses and healing.  So, type in your issue into our search box and see what products we would recommend for you!

We are a small family run business that manufactures its' products in the USA and ships direct from our humble spot on the planet, in Pine Island, NY.  So you see, we are probably just like you!  Just a hard working family doing something fun with our passions.  We want to make sure that you are happy with your purchases from us.  We don't like crappy stuff and want to be sure that you are happy too!


You may be wondering about our funny little mascot: OWEN 








Owen is a simple little guy with a big personality!  His name is an acronym for Obvious With Everything Natural.  He can be a bit cheeky and likes to poke fun at our issues - after all, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?! He keeps things light and fun! You can follow him on facebook, twitter and instagram - @obviousowen

Now that you know a little bit about us, you probably are more concerned about our products themselves...

Raw materials used in Obvious® products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels. Each lot of tablets or capsules is carefully assayed to be sure they meet our product specifications. We pride ourselves on the fact that we use the purest, highest quality, natural nutrients available to produce all of our formulas. Our nutritional research focuses on the complex relationships that exist among available nutrients.  Most Obvious products are yeast, sugar, and starch free. Every label clearly indicates all fillers and binders used as well as what each product is free of such as corn, egg and gluten and of course, NON-GMO (wherever we can).  All Obvious supplements are of the highest quality and integrity and are doctor-evaluated for effectiveness and reliability.  We maintain complete and accurate batch records so that any component can be checked, if needed to confirm the product quality and potency.

Our herbal extracts consist of organically grown and ethically wild harvested herbs, to bring you the highest quality herbal preparations available. Our laboratories use only a select group of herbal wild harvesters whose concerns for the environment meet their high ethical standards and uncompromising quality control.

To ensure the high quality of our extracts, our herbal preparations are produced in a manufacturing facility, which is an F.D.A. Registered and approved homeopathic drug manufacturing site (which is also kosher supervised).  All Obvious herbs are ethically and ecologically wild harvested, organically grown by independent farmers with who are contracted, or selectively imported under strict standards. They are custom picked at the peak of their season by skilled botanists and herbalists to assure premium quality. Much time and expense goes into sourcing and purchasing only the freshest and most vital raw materials. Our herbs are never fumigated or irradiated.

The fresh plant extracts are macerated within 12 to 48 hours from harvest while the dry plant extracts are ground minutes before extraction and are cold drip percolated, all to exacting standards to maximize potency.  Ratios of herb to menstrum are calculated by the potency of the herb. Extractions are approved by the A.T.F. and use U.S.P. grade grain alcohol and deionized kinetically stored water. We use pharmaceutical grade (U.S.P.) grain alcohol, not industrial alcohol or hexane.


Our commitment to purity and quality continues to place our manufacturer as one of the strongest competitors in this industry. We’re one of the few companies to offer you total truth in our labeling. And we can guarantee that all of our human and animal products contain only the purest and most potent ingredients.
For our Obvious®products we source quality ingredients to be as natural as possible. This reflects our dedication to integrity and use of formulas made from ingredients with superior quality. Raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products are in full compliance with the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, assuring safety and uninterrupted flow of raw materials. Our
Supplier Qualification Program ensures raw material safety and quality.
Every label on our human products has been verified by a third party lab to
ensure that the product contains exactly what’s on the label and to ensure
that they meet our product specifications.
The Natural Product Association Good Manufacturing Practices Standard (NPA GMP Standard) results in practitioners’ heightened confidence by proving that our dietary supplements exceed industry standards for quality. Our comprehensive evaluation criteria are designed to corroborate all aspects affecting quality, specifically:
> Identity > Purity > Quality > Strength > Composition
Our manufacturer holds a current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification from the Natural Products Association. They review all elements of the manufacturing process to ensure products meet their established specifications for quality, including identity, purity, potency, composition and contaminants.Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) are, in very basic terms, a method of ensuring consistency in
manufacturing. They are an instruction manual for everyone in the dietary supplement industry, operating in the same regulatory environment, to provide quality products. GMPs ensure that all elements of the manufacturing process are standardized to provide reasonable assurance that appropriate procedures are in place and that processes are sufficiently controlled so that products meet their established specifications for
quality, including for identity, purity, strength and composition. These standardized processes are put into place to ensure during the manufacturing process the incidence of mistake is minimized.
At Obvious®, our belief in a supplemental approach to wellness remains at the core of our company, and it shows in our expansive line of health supplements and our commitment to offering consumers the highest quality products available.
We really hope you enjoy our products and live with the knowledge that nature is here to support us.  Always remember:  There is a choice...Naturally!®


If you need to reach us, please feel free to private message us on our facebook page (that's probably the fastest and easiest way):


Otherwise, you can send us a support ticket on our store site, send us an email at obviousowen@outlook.com