Booze Buddy

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Cocktail anyone?  If you are like me, you are a pretty health-conscious person, but life is a bit stressful at times and a drink here and there doesn't seem so bad.  After all, it's fermented plants, right?  Barley, potatoes, beets, corn, apples - hey they all come from nature and nature is good.  I thought so too - except after a family member wound up in the hospital from indulging a little too much in the sweet stuff with a liver issue, I thought, hmmm, it's time to balance things out a bit.  So figgerin' that your probably not ready,  to give up your trend just yet,  we decided to create a bit of support system for you with Booze Buddy. PLEASE NOTE:  We are not advocating the consumption of alcohol (that would be bad!), and you really ought to consider giving it up - it's really not healthy.  Consider some tea and meditation, it does wonders for me!


A dietary supplement to support liver health and detoxification functions.* Booze Buddy™ is a comprehensive formula designed to support liver health when toxins are present.* This unique combination of amino acids, herbs, and other nutrients aids in fat metabolism within the liver, promotes glutathione synthesis, supports the safe elimination of toxins, and supplies a broad range of antioxidants to help reduce free radical damage.* Booze Buddy™ is recommended to support Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways.*

WARNING: If pregnant, nursing, or planning on becoming pregnant, do not take this product.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.